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On Sale till January 6 2019
                                                                  RESIN 3 KINGS                                                                  RESIN 3 KINGS
The result is a long lasting resin with a harmonizing fragrance, traditionally used for prayer and particularly for Yule and the Christmas period.

                                                             RED SANDALWOOD                                                             RED SANDALWOOD
Burning of red sandalwood bark was also said to bring love to oneself.
                                                 INCENSE CONES              SANDALWOOD                                                 INCENSE CONES              SANDALWOOD                             SANDALWOOD
                                                SCENTS OF YULE           WINTER SOLSTICE                                                SCENTS OF YULE           WINTER SOLSTICE
A scent of Winter
Special 2 / $1.00
                                                                 SBI  LOVE
                                                                 SBI  LOVE
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Burn a small portion of this lightly scented Magickal powdered incense to draw the fires of passion, romance and love into your life

Self-burning incense is self-lighting and easy to use, simply place a small portion or this powder into a burn-safe bowl or cauldron and carefully apply a flame to it with a match or lighter

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