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On Sale till January 6 2019
                                                                  RESIN 3 KINGS                                                                  RESIN 3 KINGS
The result is a long lasting resin with a harmonizing fragrance, traditionally used for prayer and particularly for Yule and the Christmas period.

                                                             RED SANDALWOOD                                                             RED SANDALWOOD
Burning of red sandalwood bark was also said to bring love to oneself.
                                                 INCENSE CONES              SANDALWOOD                                                 INCENSE CONES              SANDALWOOD                             SANDALWOOD
                                                SCENTS OF YULE           WINTER SOLSTICE                                                SCENTS OF YULE           WINTER SOLSTICE
A scent of Winter
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                                                                COWRIE SHELLS                                                                COWRIE SHELLS
                                                               RUNES BLUE ONYX                                                               RUNES BLUE ONYX
 Blue Onyx Rune Set
                                                           RUNES ROSE QUARTZ                                                           RUNES ROSE QUARTZ
Rose Quartz Runes
                                                          Altar Cloth PENDULUM                                                          Altar Cloth PENDULUM
Altar cloth, designed to aid your pendulum work
                                                          CRYSTAL BALL                                                          CRYSTAL BALL
Timelessly known as iconic device used by of Seers and fortune tellers, the Crystal Ball is in fact a potent tool of divination,
                                                          TAROT HERBAL                                                          TAROT HERBAL
This deck is designed to integrate the healing properties of traditional herbs with the symbolism of tarot
                                                       RUNES CRYSTAL QUARTZs                                                       RUNES CRYSTAL QUARTZs
Crystal Quartz Runes
                                                    A PENDULUM MAP PENTAGRAM                                                    A PENDULUM  MAP PENTAGRAM
 designed to aid your pendulum work
                                                    A PENDULUM MAP TRIQUATRA                                                    A PENDULUM MAP TRIQUATRA
designed to aid your pendulum work
                                                 PENDULUM QUARTZ 6 SIDED                                                 PENDULUM QUARTZ 6 SIDED
As crystals are known to store and shape the energy of a home, person, or magical endeavor, each unique crystal will bless you with high quality varied gifts to your personal energy and magick

                                                 TAROT THOTH LARGE DECK                                                 TAROT THOTH  LARGE DECK
Thoth Tarot Deck was designed by Aleister Crowley
                                             PENDULUM ROSE QUARTZ 6 SIDED                                             PENDULUM ROSE QUARTZ 6 SIDED
Rose Quartz is a stone of gentle warmth and love, healing emotional wounds and pain with its gentle calming energies. Rose Quartz opens the heart to the beauty within and all around us, and will begin its healing by reducing resentments.

                                            PENDULUM AMETHYST 6 FACETED                                            PENDULUM AMETHYST 6 FACETED
Bring the power of amethyst into your divination, with this amethyst pendulum perfectly suited to help you find emotional and spiritual focus. AMETHYST 6 FACETED PENDULUM

                                           PENDULUM GREEN AVENTURINE                                           PENDULUM GREEN AVENTURINE
Green Aventurine pendulum
A natural stone Green Aventurine pendulum balanced by a small marble of Green Aventurine on the opposite end. This is a natural product and all pendulums are not uniform. 

                                           PENDULUM RAINBOW MOONSTONE                                           PENDULUM RAINBOW MOONSTONE
Rainbow Moonstone pendulum
With qualities known for exploring balance, harmony, and intuition, let the rainbow moonstone of this pendulum aid you your divination.

                                          TAROT GIANT RIDER-WAITE DECK                                          TAROT GIANT RIDER-WAITE DECK
Established as a classic, the Rider-Waite tarot
                                         TAROT WITCHES DECK AND BOOK                                         TAROT WITCHES DECK AND BOOK
Witches the world over will relish this new tarot!
                                    I CHING YARROW STICKS Kit WILD CRAFTED                                    I CHING YARROW STICKS Kit WILD CRAFTED
Yarrow Sticks
For use with the I Ching
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