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On Sale till January 6 2019
                                                                  RESIN 3 KINGS                                                                  RESIN 3 KINGS
The result is a long lasting resin with a harmonizing fragrance, traditionally used for prayer and particularly for Yule and the Christmas period.

                                                             RED SANDALWOOD                                                             RED SANDALWOOD
Burning of red sandalwood bark was also said to bring love to oneself.
                                                 INCENSE CONES              SANDALWOOD                                                 INCENSE CONES              SANDALWOOD                             SANDALWOOD
                                                SCENTS OF YULE           WINTER SOLSTICE                                                SCENTS OF YULE           WINTER SOLSTICE
A scent of Winter
Special 2 / $1.00
AMULETS TALISMAN AND POCKET STONES Among the most ancient forms of magic, amulets and talismans have long been used in spiritual traditions worldwide. These are the pendants, symbols and charms that either contain magicK within them and convey that power and energy to the person who wears it, or has otherwise been charged to a specific purpose, such as protecting or granting good luck to the person who wears the charm. Explore our selection of amulets and talismans and use the one that calls out to you. ALL NECKLACES COME WITH A BLACK CORD and a Drawstring Organza Jewelry Gift Bag
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                                                           AMULET WICCA POWER                                                           AMULET WICCA POWER
Wicca Power amulet
The Goddess standing within a horizontal, crescent moon is a powerful representation of the feminine divine. Made in USA. Has cord. Pewter. 1 1/2

                                                         AMULET TREE OF LIFE                                                         AMULET TREE OF LIFE
Celtic Tree of Life amulet
With night and day, between its canopy and its roots, the Celtic Tree of Life bridges the gap between heaven and earth. Has cord. Pewter. 1 1/4" Made in USA

                                                        TALISMAN NORSE PRIDE                                                        TALISMAN NORSE PRIDE
Norse Pride talisman
This amulet bears Thor’s head within his hammer, his beard twirled into Celtic knotwork. A powerful symbol of strength, power and eternal protection. Has cord. Pewter. 1 1/2" x 1 1/4" Made in USA

                                                       AMULET WICCA WISDOM                                                       AMULET WICCA WISDOM
Displaying a crescent moon, encircled in mists that form the wizened face of an old man, this amulet is a powerful symbol of the divinity that shrouds us.
                                                      AMULET CELTIC CROSS                                                      AMULET CELTIC CROSS
A time-honored symbol of faith, this amulet depicts a Celtic Cross, filled in with Celtic knots to create a powerful aid in seeking the energies of earth and divinity found in faith.
                                                      AMULET TRIQUETRA                                                      AMULET TRIQUETRA                          1" Triquetra amulet
A silver tone lead free pewter triquetra amulet formed of Celtic knots. Has cord, 1".

                                                      AMULET WICCA BALANCING                                                      AMULET WICCA BALANCING
Wicca Balancing amulet
This amulet is a powerful symbol of the Goddess, and a great focus for balancing your energies as well as the energies around you. Made in USA. Has cord. Pewter.
 1 1/2” x 1”.

                                                     AMULET DRAGONS MOON                                                     AMULET DRAGONS MOON
Displaying a dragon curled as though it were the crescent moon, this amulet is a great focus to for helping to draw lunar energies. 1” in diameter.
                                                     AMULET ENCHANTED LIFE                                                     AMULET ENCHANTED LIFE
Find enchantment and wonder returning to your life through the use of this delightful amulet.
                                                     AMULET MAGICKAL WORLD                                                     AMULET MAGICKAL WORLD
Magical World amulet
This Pentacle, encircled with the worm Ouroboros, is a powerful symbol of eternity that will aid in awakening your spirit to the magic around you. Has cord. Lead free pewter. 1 1/4"

                                                     AMULET WICCA STABILITY                                                     AMULET WICCA STABILITY
Wear this amulet of a braided crescent moon and interwoven pentagram, to find strength and stability within yourself and without
                                                    AMULET CELTIC GREENMAN                                                    AMULET CELTIC GREENMAN
Displaying the Greenman, the traditional symbol for nature's rebirth, this amulet is a powerful aid in seeking transformation and rebirth of your own.
                                                    AMULET ENDLESS LIGHT                                                    AMULET ENDLESS LIGHT
This illuminating talisman will help open your eyes to the new opportunities ahead of you.
                                                    AMULET SWEET DREAMS                                                    AMULET SWEET DREAMS
 Shaped in the image of a medicine wheel, this powerful amulet is intended to bring your sweetest dreams into your life. 
                                                   AMULET WISH FULFILLMENT                                                   AMULET WISH FULFILLMENT
Wish Fulfillment Pentagram
Using the mystical pentagram to invoke spiritual powers, this powerful amulet aids you in making your wishes come true. Made in USA. Has cord. Lead free Pewter. 1”.

                                                   WITCH'S HAT POCKET STONE                                                   WITCH'S HAT POCKET STONE
Witch's Hat pocket stone
Displaying the classic Witch's Hat, this pocket stone can function as a powerful focus to aid you in turning negative energy into positive. Pewter. 1" x 5/8" Made in USA

                                                  AMULET PROTECTED LIFE                                                  AMULET PROTECTED LIFE
Shaped as a pentagram and charged with energy, this amulet is intended to help empower the protective barriers you've established around yourself.
                                                  AMULET SCHOLAR'S BLADE                                                  AMULET SCHOLAR'S BLADE
Sharpening your wits and understanding, this
  amulet is intended to help you keep a sharp mind.The Perfect Wizards Aid
                                                  AMULET  LOVERS EMBRACE                                                    AMULET  LOVERS EMBRACE 
 Draw strength from this amulet, using its energy
to reveal the beauty of the world.
    And the beauty off the One You Love

                                                AMULET WICCA ATTRACTION                                                AMULET WICCA ATTRACTION
Wicca Attraction amulet
This amulet uses this powerful symbolism to empower your spells, particularly love spells and spells of money drawing. Made in USA. Has cord. Pewter. 1 1/2” x 1”

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