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                                                                  RESIN 3 KINGS                                                                  RESIN 3 KINGS
The result is a long lasting resin with a harmonizing fragrance, traditionally used for prayer and particularly for Yule and the Christmas period.

                                                             RED SANDALWOOD                                                             RED SANDALWOOD
Burning of red sandalwood bark was also said to bring love to oneself.
                                                 INCENSE CONES              SANDALWOOD                                                 INCENSE CONES              SANDALWOOD                             SANDALWOOD
                                                SCENTS OF YULE           WINTER SOLSTICE                                                SCENTS OF YULE           WINTER SOLSTICE
A scent of Winter
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We have precious stones, minerals, fossils and crystals for your crystal healing, ritual magick, or Feng Shui, from Quartz and Amethyst to Geodes, Garnets, Emeralds, and Crystal Balls
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                                                          CRYSTAL BALL                                                          CRYSTAL BALL
Timelessly known as iconic device used by of Seers and fortune tellers, the Crystal Ball is in fact a potent tool of divination,
                                             Aventurine                                             Aventurine Aventurine widely viewed as an all around LUCK stone.

                                             BLUE HOWLITE                                             BLUE HOWLITE Turquenite, also called blue howlite or turquoise howlite,
                                             KYANITE                                             KYANITE Its other wonderful qualities include helping with communication and helping to develop psychic ability
                                             MICA                                             MICA It is used to improve visions and clarity in mysticism. It is said to help eliminate negative personality traits by helping one recognize them. 

                                             RED CALCITE                                             RED CALCITERed Calcite is an energizing and detoxifying stone. It also brings stability to one's will, and increases inner strength
                                            AGATES                                            AGATESAgate is noted in the metaphysical world to be a good protective energy stone, especially for children, and very calming and soothing
                                            AMETHYST                                            AMETHYSTAmethyst is well known for its ability to help bring calmness and clarity 
                                            AMETHYST POINTS                                            AMETHYST POINTSAmethyst is well known for its ability to help bring calmness and clarity 
                                            BLACK OBSIDIAN                                            BLACK OBSIDIANThis is a stone that has always been associated with guardian spirits that watch over us, and is connected to protection on all levels.
                                            BLOODSTONE                                            BLOODSTONEBloodstone is particularly useful for helping to instill courage in dangerous situations 
                                            BLUE ONYX                                            BLUE ONYXBlue Onyx enhances steadfastness and determination
                                            CARNELIAN                                            CARNELIANA stone of ambition and drive, Carnelian is an excellent career stone, very helpful in making choices and decision
                                            Chrysocolla                                            ChrysocollaChrysocolla called the 'wise stone' as those who wore it generally came up with clever comprises when it seems and unbearable pass in negotiations. 
                                            CITRINE                                            CITRINECitrine is supposed to help transform negative energy into positive, and helping to maintain serenity and calm, aid with healing practices, and otherwise lend its bountiful positive energy to your magical practice
                                            Flourite                                            FlouriteIn crystal healing and magical practice, they are commonly used to ground out over-abundant energy,
                                            GARNET                                            GARNET When carried on one`s person, or used within magickal and healing practice, it is said to help provide emotional lift throughout the day.
                                            GREEN CALCITE                                            GREEN CALCITEGreen Calcite tends to possess an energy that makes it quite helpful in spells of prosperity, fertility, good luck, and success.

                                            Hematite                                            HematiteHematite is perhaps most noted for its magnetic qualities, but within the magical world it is highly prized for its ability to ground energy, and help stabilize and balance moods, emotions, and the general                                                currents of energy it is around
                                            HOWLITE                                            HOWLITEHowlite is a potent guardian stone.  Use it to protect that which you value both physical possessions and spiritual values.
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